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Lockdown Leaves Small Businesses in South Africa on the Edge

Lockdown Leaves Small Businesses in South Africa on the Edge

For many small businesses in South Africa, the COVID pandemic and ensuing lockdown may have felt like a nightmarish version of the popular reality show Survivor. SMMEs have been blindsided from every angle, being forced to navigate increasingly difficult challenges to stave off elimination. Many have been pushed to the very edge of extinction. As

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Top of the Class: How Schools Can Benefit From Digital Marketing

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc through every aspect of our lives. As individuals emerge from the shelter of their homes, one thing is crystal clear: nothing looks the same. Our favourite restaurants, gyms and hangout spots all look a little different these days. Businesses have been forced to rethink their strategies. Many companies

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Live streaming a rocking success with Francois van Coke!

Can’t host your live event anymore? No problem! The UBU platform offers everything you need to sell tickets, live stream your event, AND offer your fans and customers instant cashback rewards at a host of stores listed in the UBU Marketplace. Recently, UBU partnered with Francois van Coke in a first for South Africa. His

Creating customer loyalty through target marketing

Creating Customer Loyalty Through Target Marketing

Since the dawn of time getting anything done successfully, especially in business, requires communication. If you want to remain relevant and keep your customers from forgetting about you it’s important to communicate and stay in touch. Target marketing is a vital part of this communication and plays a very important role in customer retention and

How to develop the perfect market research strategy

Developing the Perfect Market Research Strategy

Every successful business understands the importance of a growing customer base. The bigger the audience for a product or service, the greater the likelihood of generating more sales. But bigger audiences do not simply fall from the sky. They aren’t conjured up out of thin air by some magical sales wand. To develop a growing

Social Media and social media marketing - a brief history

The History of Social Media & Social Media Marketing

It is near impossible to imagine a world without social media or social media marketing. With an estimated 3.81 billion people across the globe currently active on various platforms, it is clear that the social media thread has been woven into the fabric of our everyday lives. It is strange to think, then, that social media platforms

A simple customer acquisition guide for small business owners

Customer Acquisition for the Small Business Owner: A Simple Guide

Running a small business today is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Business owners face a tough and competitive marketplace and need to continually search for strategies that help them stay ahead of the pack. An excellent customer acquisition strategy can certainly help in this regard. What is a customer acquisition strategy? Simply put, it is

Digital Marketing Tips for a post-COVID era

Top Digital Marketing Tips for a Post-COVID Era

The Coronavirus pandemic has completely altered the way we do life. Most of us have redefined what we consider to be essential. Some of us have realized that the tasks we perform at work can just as easily be accomplished at home. Social distancing may be in effect, but social media has brought us closer

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