Top Digital Marketing Tips for a Post-COVID Era

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The Coronavirus pandemic has completely altered the way we do life. Most of us have redefined what we consider to be essential. Some of us have realized that the tasks we perform at work can just as easily be accomplished at home.

Social distancing may be in effect, but social media has brought us closer together. The world of online shopping may soon start to rival the world of physical shopping. Things have no doubt changed. Many companies have begun to see the shift to digital platforms.

This shift is likely to continue in a post-COVID world, and companies will keep shifting along with it. Let’s take a quick look at a few digital marketing tips for businesses to consider as they venture online.

1. Use digital platforms to stay in touch

‘Out of sight’ usually precedes ‘out of mind’. During the lockdown period, it is easy for customers to forget about your brand as they turn their attention to other matters. Staying in contact with your customers during this period helps keep your business in their top of mind, rather than out of mind.

Make use of digital platforms such as email to keep customers informed of your reopening plans, how you plan to do things differently, any promotions that are being offered and any new products and services that you plan to introduce. By doing this, you have an opportunity to build excitement among new and existing customers. This type of constant communication bodes well for solidifying your loyal customer base going forward.

2. Keep an eye on the competition…

Whether it’s in war, sports, politics or business, studying one’s opponent can often provide a vital edge. As you battle your competitors for the attentios of the consumer, have a look at what they are doing. Which methods are they using to connect with their customers? Which platforms do they operate on? How much traffic does their website receive? Studying and learning from your competitors’ successes and failures is one of the top digital marketing tips to action in helping you maximize your digital marketing strategy.

3. But don’t forget your own garden

By garden, we mean your website. In an era where customers are turning to digital platforms for guidance, it’s astonishing to see how many companies continue to neglect their business websites.

A company website is an entrance to your online building; it needs to look inviting. Make sure that your company’s site is up-to-date, that it provides correct and accurate company information, that the contact numbers are correct and that the website displays the full range of products and services that your business currently offers.

Make use of applications such as Google Analytics to gain insights into the people who visit your site. Keeping your company website in top shape ensures that new and existing customers can effectively communicate and engage with your company.

4. Keep up with the times

Digital trends can change overnight. Things that are relevant today will most likely be irrelevant by tomorrow. In terms of digital marketing tips – companies need to stay on top of the latest trends, whether it be changes in consumer behaviour or shifts in digital marketing methodologies.

Staying abreast of these changing trends puts businesses in a better position to adapt when the winds of change inevitably blow in a different direction.

5. Update your search keywords

In the same way that trends are subject to change, search keywords can also become outdated. To ensure that your business stays ahead of the curve, it might be a good idea to periodically review and update your search marketing keyword list. Have a look at what the up-and-coming keyword searches are and tailor your marketing list to reflect these new keyword search terms.

6. A little personalisation goes a long way

Most customers want to experience that personal touch, especially from their favourite stores. Digital marketing allows companies to use the data collected through customer interaction and to create a personalised experience for that customer based on their likes, dislikes, spending behaviour, spending frequency, etc.

Many companies have effectively incorporated the personalisation concept into their customer retention strategy. Providing that personal touch enhances the customer’s satisfaction levels, which most likely will lead to an increased level of loyalty.

The time is now

The current environment has forced businesses to think outside the box when it comes to their long-term marketing strategies. For many, thinking “out of the box” simply means taking their marketing strategies digital.

While some might see it as a short-term fix, the reality is that a competent digital marketing strategy will be required well beyond COVID. Businesses who are looking to capitalise on it now will reap the rewards when all is said and done. The best time to incorporate some of these top digital marketing tips into your business’s marketing strategy is now!

To help you get started, we’ve put together a list of some of the top digital marketing tools you can start using today to help your business thrive now, and in the post-COVID era.

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