In Plain Sight: How To Improve Your Online Visibility Without An Ecommerce Store

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Visibility is key, especially when you’re going online! Speak to any small business owner and they will tell you just how valuable this aspect is. Having an online presence means a raised business profile, greater brand awareness, and an increased number of sales.

The challenge for most small business owners revolves around improving online visibility without having an e-commerce store of their own. For those owners, we have some good news: You may not need one! There are numerous tips that businesses can use to raise their online visibility. Check out the list below and see which ones work for you.

Ramp Up Your Social Media Activity

One way of increasing your business’s online visibility is by utilising the magic of social media. In today’s business climate, social media marketing has become an indispensable tool for getting the message out to the masses. Establishing a social media presence not only exposes your small business to a global audience, but it also does so at a relatively low cost. More exposure also results in a build-up of trust in your company. So go ahead, send out those posts or tweets, and do it often.

The usefulness of social media is not limited to simply generating interest around your business or promoting a particular product. Many social media platforms now offer e-commerce apps. Small business owners can use these platforms to create and manage their content, publish their latest catalogues and sell products online, facilitate payments and perform a host of other e-commerce functions. We’ve certainly come a long way from posting on ‘The Wall’.

Reviews You Can Use

Online reviews are a great way to enhance your business’s online visibility. Keep garnering reviews and you will soon see your business name is displayed prominently near the top of search pages. Online reviews can also act as a trusted referral agent! Seriously, how many times have you checked out a business’s rating on Google before you’ve given it a go? Podcasters generally make use of this method to increase their online presence, encouraging listeners to leave five-star ratings whenever they can. More five-star ratings allow the podcast to move higher up on the SEO rankings.

Other businesses should learn from this and implore their customers to leave online reviews. Don’t worry too much if you find a negative review here and there. Simply acknowledge the issue, be open to criticism, and work to fix the problem. Doing this can help build customer confidence in your brand and ultimately lead to more consumers giving your company a go.

Keep On Clicking Away

Another useful tool to up your online presence is through the use of ‘pay-per-click’ ads. This allows businesses to post their adverts on Google and other search engines but they only pay once a potential customer has clicked on the ad. Pay-per-click ads often show up at the very top of the search engine page, meaning maximum visibility for that small business. A possible downside to this tool may be the cost implications, especially if the click rate is high.

Make Sure You’re On The List

If you’re looking to increase visibility, make sure you’re discoverable. This means making use of online small business directories. Listing your business in an online directory enables potential customers who may be searching for a particular product or service to find your company in the right place. Aside from increasing visibility, online business directories can enhance your brand awareness, increase credibility and boost your SEO rankings. Right now, there are plenty of prominent directories that are also free of charge. These include Hotfrog, ActiveWeb, and YelloSA.

Take Advantage of The Free Stuff

Several free online tools can help small businesses improve their visibility online. Owners should take advantage of this help when they can. Google My Business is a good example of this. Through various features such as Google Maps direction, prominent placement of Google ratings and reviews, and access to Google Analytics, small business owners stand to gain much by making use of a tool like this.

Stand Out In The Marketplace

One of the best ways to boost your online presence without owning an e-commerce app is by listing your business in the UBU Marketplace. This online space is specifically designed to connect your products and services with a massive and constantly-growing online audience. In the UBU Marketplace place, your business is easily discoverable thanks to the mobile app’s geolocation functionality. So whenever a potential customer is in the vicinity, rest assured that it’s your company name that they will be seeing!

UBU ensures that your business is always visible to the largest possible crowd. The mobile app has a built-in loyalty program that constantly incentivises customers to buy, through discounts, deals, and cashback rewards on every single purchase.

No e-commerce store or payments system is required, as UBU does all the work for you. The UBU loyalty program includes a mobile wallet app, which allows for seamless and safe facilitation of payment. No need to worry about arranging payment yourself.

We have just demonstrated that there are so many ways to raise your business’s online visibility without having an e-commerce store. Reviews, pay-per-click ads, and online business directories are all quality options. However, listing in a marketplace like UBU helps companies truly maximise their online presence. UBU creates incredible exposure for your business and also handles all e-commerce functionality so your business doesn’t have to. All you need to do is focus on selling your products and UBU takes care of the rest.

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