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Customer retention strategies that work

Customer Retention Strategies that Work

It’s no secret that customers form the lifeblood of any burgeoning business organization. A strong customer base usually means a thriving business. Companies devote thousands of hours to developing elaborate customer acquisition strategies, then spend millions to execute those strategies. Yet, research continues to reveal that organisations may be better served in directing more time

Email Marketing Tips to ensure your business gets noticed

Top 7 Email Marketing Tips to Ensure Your Business Gets Noticed

Email marketing strategies are loaded with the potential to drive your customer engagement as a business and boost your incoming revenues. If done properly, and taking the email marketing tips we’ve gathered into account, it could prove to be a winning strategy for signing up new deals. In fact, a Litmus Survey of 372 international

The many benefits of digital marketing for your business and customers

The Many Benefits of Digital Marketing – for your Business and Customers

We’ve come a long way since we started using the internet back in 1992. Back when connecting to the internet required you to schedule your phone calls because the modem used the family landline to connect to the world wide web. Keep in mind that Vodacom and MTN would only launch their cell service two

Customer acquisition strategies

Timeless Customer Acquisition Strategies that will Work for You

Being great at your core business and being great at promoting and growing your business are not synonymous. Market research shows that up to 20% of SMEs fail in their first year and up to 50% by their fifth year. While it’s easy to blame the economy and local regulations and even moments of crisis

Customer engagement is the new normal and should always be part of a good digital marketing strategy

Why Customer Engagement is the New Normal

Back in the day all you needed to be successful was to set up shop in a good part of town, have a firm handshake, and deliver reasonable service. As great as those days may have been, they were also very limiting and confined your sphere of influence to your town and even then, only

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