Holy Connections: The Marvel of Religious Institutions, Live Streaming, and Loyalty Programs

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You can be forgiven for thinking that we’ve lost our minds here. Religious institutions and customer loyalty programs? What can one possibly have to do with the other? 

Well, as it turns out, there are plenty of benefits that the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and other faith communities can derive from a great customer loyalty program. Let’s consider some of these benefits and how they can work for faith organisations and their members.

The pews of learning are now open. Kindly take a seat.

Sense of Community

The Christian, Jewish and Muslim faith institutions all have one thing in common: a strong sense of community. Members within those communities are more likely to support one another in various aspects. It is not uncommon to find individuals within the Jewish or Muslim community frequenting businesses of other individuals within that community.

Customer loyalty programs work within this environment as they can enhance the level of community and loyalty already experienced in these groups. By effectively utilising the loyalty program concept, churches, mosques, synagogues and other institutions can gain from the existing support that flows between its members.

Spreading the Good News

The current COVID pandemic has hit religious institutions hard this year. As lockdown regulations took hold, churches, mosques, synagogues, and other religious institutions across the country were shut down as the government fought to curb the spread of the virus. Even with the easing of restrictions, many religious institutions are still limited to the number of patrons who can attend meetings and services, due to both regulations and social distancing guidelines.

With the current scenario set to prevail for the foreseeable future, many institutions have been live streaming their services. This is where customer loyalty programs that incorporate live streaming can prove most useful. Loyalty programs that offer a live streaming platform can help organisations broadcast meetings to individuals who are unable to attend. Congregants can enjoy live preaching from the comfort of their homes. By live streaming gatherings, religious institutions can extend their reach to an audience around the world. Mosques can live stream calls to prayer to followers on the other side of the globe. The live streaming technology contained in UBU’s platform, for example, allows institutions to broadcast quality services, prayer meetings, and other gatherings without incurring the cost of a massive digital setup. This allows them to keep costs low as they share the good news.

Using Loyalty to Raise Funds

Faith-based organisations can also benefit greatly from the fundraising potential that loyalty programs hold. Many of these institutions rely on contributions and donations from their members to fund social projects such as feeding schemes, blanket drives, and financial support for the less fortunate. With so many fundraising plans scuppered due to COVID, customer loyalty programs present an innovative way of generating funds while also uplifting the individual members of a religious community. While churches, synagogues, and mosques are highly unlikely to charge for attending gatherings, they may look to broadcast certain fundraising events.

A great example of this could be churches hosting nativity plays and Christmas concerts over the festive season. Tickets can be purchased through the customer loyalty app and the proceeds will be received by the church concerned to further their social projects.

A Wallet for All Communities

Ok, so by now you may start seeing the light. Religious institutions can find an abundance of value in a loyalty program. So, how do you get started? Well, the first step is to find a loyalty program that can provide the kind of benefits described above. And, UBU International is exactly that. We’ve disrupted the mobile commerce market with our innovative online marketplace that can be accessed through any of the many mobile wallet apps available in the Apple iStore or Google Play Store.

Now, as we continue to tailor the apps to cater to a variety of sectors we’ve created an awesome solution to benefit all types of religious institutions. UBU now allows faith organisations to establish their mobile wallet app. Once they have done that, they can sign up small business owners from inside and outside their community to become vendors in the UBU marketplace.

As the companies of community members are exposed to a wide audience, these businesses grow. The religious institution signing up these businesses also benefit, as they receive a percentage of all sales. From a support perspective, the religious organisation can raise funds as community members purchase through the customer loyalty app, and members who list their businesses in the marketplace now carry a greater growth potential. Individual congregants are also rewarded for their support through cashback benefits on every purchase. Synagogues, mosques, churches, and other institutions don’t have to worry about establishing a payment system, as all transactions are facilitated directly through UBU’s seamless mobile payment system.

UBU International also offers religious organisations a wonderful live streaming platform on which to broadcast their weekly services, prayer meetings, and other events. Provided that institutions abide by the guidelines surrounding hate speech and discrimination, free reign is given for all faith-based organisations to share their teachings. Considering the prevalence of the coronavirus, more and more institutions will seek to utilise the live streaming option. UBU recognises this and we’ve gone to great lengths to provide a streaming platform that offers quality broadcasts.

As Christian, Islamic, Jewish and other faith communities seek to move forward, there is no doubt that customer loyalty programs can provide great value. Whether as a means of facilitating fundraisers, or a platform for live streaming, loyalty programs can help religious institutions further enhance their community support efforts, while also allowing them to take their message worldwide. For any institution ready to join the customer loyalty and live streaming spaces, check it out and see the myriad of benefits available.

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