Creating Customer Loyalty Through Target Marketing

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Since the dawn of time getting anything done successfully, especially in business, requires communication. If you want to remain relevant and keep your customers from forgetting about you it’s important to communicate and stay in touch. Target marketing is a vital part of this communication and plays a very important role in customer retention and brand awareness.

But what is target marketing? According to MSG, “Target Marketing refers to a concept in marketing which helps the marketers to divide the market into small units comprising of like-minded people. Such segmentation helps the marketers to design specific strategies and techniques to promote a product amongst its target market.”

A solid target marketing foundation can drive your communication strategy, set you apart from other businesses, and push you to the top of the ranks.

Tips for effective brand communication

Empower your shoppers

The shopping experience has changed completely. Consumers don’t automatically go for the first best thing they see. Instead, they will take the time to compare products in terms of quality, value for money, and benefits. Become a resource for value-conscious shoppers and provide comparison checklists with features and value-added benefits of leading products in a category. Include all the reasons why your product is a solid choice, but don’t forget to share positive and objective information about products from alternative brands. Empower your shoppers, share the benefits of your products, and do so gracefully.

Urge shoppers to buy smarter

When you apply a direct marketing approach you know what your customers buy and how much. With this in mind, come up with a quality discount that will inspire them to buy more and, in essence, shop smarter. With discount deals, shoppers are more likely to buy in bulk to save on their favourite products.

Gratitude gets you further

Don’t take the ‘we are just a business’ approach. Instead, see your customers as friends – especially if you are a small business. With a more personal approach, you will develop a relationship between your business and customers, keeping you top of mind and a firm favourite. Small acts of gratitude can help you stand out. When a customer makes a purchase take the time to acknowledge the purchase. This small investment of time might seem silly but can instantly create a loyal customer for life who will sing your praises to anyone who listens. In a world where everything is automated a little personal show of gratitude can go a long way.

Target marketing also means rewarding customer loyalty

Loyal customers should never be taken for granted as they are the backbone of your business and your target marketing efforts will be worthless if you disregard them. Always find ways to reward these customers and encourage them to keep coming back. One of the best ways to do this is by implementing a solid loyalty program that offers instant cashback rewards, special discounts, bonus offers, and other deals as a ‘thank you’ for their loyalty.

Position your company as a leader

With the current pandemic, there are many rumours going around about businesses closing their doors. If there are any rumours regarding your business, now is the time to kill them and reinforce your credibility and financial stability. Show that you are stable and secure your position as a leader in your industry.

Share the good

There are so many bad things happening and the world is flooded with news about it. Make time to share the good news. This can be about your company, products or the people involved in it. Involve your customers in the daily happenings, share the highs so they’ll stick with you through the lows.

Let the reviews do the talking

Every business has an opinion about their own products but what truly matters is what customers think. Don’t be afraid to share customer reviews about your business. People nowadays want to see if a product is worthwhile and how others experience it. They are more likely to purchase it if they see others are reaping the benefits. Head to sites like Trustpilot and share links from reviews regarding your products and services. If there are bad reviews, respond. Be proactive, get ahead of any issues and show that you care.

Own up to your mistakes

Nobody is perfect and in business, you will make mistakes. When this happens it’s important to own up and say sorry. Don’t disappear or hide. Approach customers directly. By taking this approach and acknowledging mistakes, the chances are that the problem can be resolved quicker with less damage done. The worst thing for your business is letting a customer fester with unhappy thoughts.

How can I help?

One thing many businesses forget to ask is a simple ‘How can I help?’. Customers have needs and the quickest way to learn about these needs is to ask. By asking one simple question you can learn about what consumers are after and fill a void in your industry. Consumer needs are constantly changing and by staying up to date with these changes your business will always remain on top. Customers will also feel valued and that their opinions matter. They will be more likely to purchase from you in their time of need.

Discounts and deals

Consumers love deals, discounts, and promotions. In fact, these are some of the easiest ways to increase customer retention. The key is to do so smartly and know how to market these optimally. For instance, the majority of consumers are more likely to respond to a ‘Buy One – Get One Free’ offer, purely because people are driven by the idea of getting something for ‘free’. Statistics show that 46% of customers are driven to purchase when rewards are available especially during times of economic crisis.

Identify customer needs for top target marketing

When it comes to target marketing the idea is to focus on your customers’ recent purchases and target with timely messages. When looking at individual buying behaviours and needs you can quickly identify what your customers are doing and what they need. For instance, a customer buying slippers might need new pyjamas or a blanket. Identify your customers’ needs from recent purchases and apply target marketing accordingly.

Reassure, update and inform

When contacting your customers, it’s always important to communicate appropriately. Reassure those who are transacting with your business for the first time. Send regular newsletters filled with useful content, including offers, deals and buying opportunities for loyal customers. Link your newsletters to your website allowing customers to click-through should they feel driven to make instant purchases. The idea is to create content with easy navigation. Always broadcast when you have new products or services available, and even offer discounts or specials. Customer loyalty is earned through constant communication and hard work. As such you also need to consider implementing a customer retention strategy that works. A combination of a winning customer retention strategy and well implemented target marketing practices will quickly gain you a loyal customer following. 

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