Top 7 Email Marketing Tips to Ensure Your Business Gets Noticed

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Email marketing strategies are loaded with the potential to drive your customer engagement as a business and boost your incoming revenues. If done properly, and taking the email marketing tips we’ve gathered into account, it could prove to be a winning strategy for signing up new deals.

In fact, a Litmus Survey of 372 international marketers revealed that the return in revenue vs spend is around 38:1. That means that for every Dollar/Rand/Euro/Pound you put into your strategy, you will yield 38 times that amount.

You must try to implement all the email marketing tips you can muster to ensure that your company has the marketing edge in this environment!

The goal of digital marketing is to increase your online engagement, which is measured in CTRs (Click Through Rates), which is how many times a customer clicks on something in any given campaign, and ORs (Open Rates), which refers to how many customers opened your campaign emails.

An educational survey in 2020 by Campaign Monitor in Australia has revealed that the average OR on emails in their country stands at 18.7%, while the average CTR is 2.8%. While these stats differ slightly from industry to industry, it is good to have markers like these to compare your success against.

Here are 7 strong email marketing tips that will help you improve your CTR and ORs considerably:

1. Practice makes perfect = Email marketing tips 101

The first and most important thing to remember when planning your email marketing strategy is that email marketing is no precise art. Much testing must be conducted in the early days of your business to refine the art. You will need to keep a tight watch on your system reports and strive for better success the next time around. Learning is all a part of the process and will result in a more refined strategy each time you send out those emails.

2. Success through software

While sending emails from your mailbox can work, tracking the success of your campaigns and maximising your leverage from the results can be a difficult process. It is often prudent to invest in an aptly designed software program to help you along the way. Specialised software will help you store your data and analyse it optimally.

Some of the top programs in the business include brands like Constant Contact, Send in Blue, Drip, ConvertKit, AWeber, GetResponse, and Mailchimp.

3. Timing is everything

Different demographics of people behave differently – as one would expect. One of the most important behaviours that you’ll need to learn is what time of the day and which days of the week your targeted customers are most likely to read your emails. This will need to be tested in the beginning. Once you have found the most ideal times, stick to them for the best results.

4. First impressions last

As a business owner, you need to realise that everyone is trying to market their business too. This means that many of your potential clients are going to have busy inboxes. It is therefore key that your subject line is more compelling than theirs, without coming across as ‘spammy’.

Spammy messages are often trapped by spam filters and rarely get through to the intended reader. If you ever read any email marketing tips that tell you otherwise, ignore them! Even if they make it through, the chances of them being deleted at first sight are pretty high.

Instead, engage your client tactfully by asking a question that begs engagement or make a statement that will appeal to their curiosity.

5. Call to action

Asking customers for feedback is usually a great way to spark engagement in your email. A successful engagement here won’t only help you with understanding your customers’ buying habits but also encourage your reader to open your mail.

This is one of the email marketing tips that could open the doorway allowing you to reach your clients with added campaigns and promotions, etc.

6. Personalise your approach

Personalising your emails to customers is guaranteed to give you higher traction than generic addresses will, according to Campaign Monitor.

It makes sense when you think about it. People appreciate being noticed. There is nothing worse than being treated like a number amidst thousands of other numbers. Customers and clients want to feel like they’re valued and are more likely to support a brand that they can establish an emotional connection with. A personalised subject line is a very definite step towards accomplishing this connection.

7. Incentivise the inactive

A large portion of a company’s email list will be inactive. This means that you may have to dig a little deeper to encourage engagement from customers who often ignore your emails. These individuals may need to be targeted with additional incentives to move them.

Access to a database is a treasure in the business world, but only if it is worked properly. A business owner simply cannot afford to give up hope on any potential lead but should rather look at innovative ways of catching their attention.

Digital marketing done better

Incorporating the above 7 email marketing tips into your digital marketing strategy should stand you in good stead for optimum customer engagement via your email marketing channel. If you would like more helpful information on how UBU can help promote your business, read our recent article highlighting the benefits of digital marketing for your business and your customers.

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