UBU International teams up with Paarl Boys’ High to support the Back-a-Boishaaier campaign!

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UBU International is proud to be joining forces with Paarl Boys’ High School to use the Paarl Boys’ High Wallet to help support the Back-a-Boishaaier campaign.


The Back-a-Boishaaier fund was founded in 2019 to assist underprivileged learners with meals through their feeding scheme. The fund now also works to provide mobile data to learners in need, resulting in them having been able to access online learning materials and classes throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. During the country-wide lockdown, it was also identified that many of the children’s families did not have food and basic necessities at home, and the fund has expanded its reach to include these often forgotten and underprivileged families in their community.

School secretary and member of the school’s marketing team, Mari Nel, treats the children as if they are her own. “These pupils are just like our own children,” says Mari. She is backed by the school principal, Derek Swart, who is extremely grateful for the difference the fund is making in changing the world to be “a better place”.

The General Manager of UBU International, Tony Mallam, is thrilled to be on board. “Education is a crucial part of the puzzle and to be able to assist children with basic necessities is priceless. The team here at UBU is really excited to have the opportunity to help.”


UBU has made it easy for anyone to support the Back-a-Boishaaier fund while supporting the school and local businesses at the same time. Here’s how:

  1. Download the Paarl Boys’ High Wallet app and shop at any of the stores listed within the app. A percentage of your spend will go back to the school to use toward the fund, and you’ll be supporting local businesses at the same time.
  2. If you would like to make a further significant contribution, you’re also able to donate directly to the Back-a-Boishaaier fund from within the app.
  3. And, if you have never used the app before, UBU International will add R10 to the fund with your first three purchases or donations. 

You can download the free Paarl Boys’ High Wallet  app for both Android and Apple devices from https://joinubu.com/Bois

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