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Wine farms are back in business

De-Vine Rebirth: Wine Farms Are Back in Business

Last month, August 2020, the wine industry (along with its patrons) collectively rejoiced as the ban on alcohol was officially lifted. Wine farms were once again able to start producing, and retail stores were finally able to unlock their doors, albeit in a restricted capacity. While this has all been excellent news for the industry,

Online live streaming in the events industry

Act One: Helping the Events Industry Survive Beyond COVID-19

As the dust from the COVID-19 lockdown shows signs of slowly settling, we are forced to take stock of the carnage that the pandemic has caused to various industries. Among the most battered has been the events industry. The sector, which relies on crowds of people for its very existence, has been forced to shut

The Art of Rivalry and Competitive Analysis

Rivalry on the Field: The Importance of Competitive Analysis

The great Chinese general Sun Tzu once said, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles”. While business is not exactly war (although sometimes it may feel like that!), the quote still rings true. To succeed, business owners need to understand not only their own

A beginner's guide to lead generation

The Beginner’s Guide to Lead Generation

So, your business has finally developed a premium skincare product that promises to blow the competition away. It offers faster skin rejuvenation that lasts at least three times longer than other similar products in the market. Now for the million-dollar question: How do you get this product in front of enough people? Because, while your

Top ways to attract new customers to your growing business

9 Top Ways to Attract New Customers

As a business owner it can become quite overwhelming to find new ways to attract new customers. While it might seem like an impossible task to get new customers, especially during trying times, it’s actually quite easy – especially with the right customer acquisition strategies in place. Here are 9 of the top ways to

The wine industry has been hard-hit by the covid-19 pandemic

Pandemic Hangover: How the Wine Industry can Survive COVID-19

The current global Coronavirus pandemic has battered South Africa’s illustrious wine industry. This R40-billion-a-year industry has certainly borne the brunt of the lockdown. Sadly, for many, the damage may already be too much to recover from, while those who have survived are coming to terms with the fact that they won’t return to ‘business as

Live event streaming

Taking Back the Culture One Virtual Live Event at a Time

The Coronavirus has impacted many businesses and entrepreneurs in the past few months. Before the pandemic, cultural live events were thriving across the globe with artists, performers, and entertainers constantly setting up stage somewhere new. These individuals are among the few who have suffered the most from the lockdown especially with the ban on crowd

How restaurants can survive COVID-19

Surviving COVID-19: How Restaurants are Coping

It is no secret that the restaurant industry has suffered massive losses due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. A little relief has come from the Government’s latest announcement that restaurants will now be allowed to offer their customers the option to eat-in rather than just order takeaways and deliveries. However, there will be strict measures

How to overcome the challenges of growing a small business

How to Overcome the Top 7 Challenges of Growing a Small Business

Starting a business involves risk-taking. The first few years of growing a small business come with many trials that must be navigated properly to ensure that your company survives. While some of the challenges are more difficult to solve than others, a good baseline strategy will ensure that you are ready to counter all problems

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