9 Top Ways to Attract New Customers

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As a business owner it can become quite overwhelming to find new ways to attract new customers.

While it might seem like an impossible task to get new customers, especially during trying times, it’s actually quite easy – especially with the right customer acquisition strategies in place.

Here are 9 of the top ways to attract new customers to your small business:

1. Identify your ideal client

Before you can start attracting any new clients you have to get a basic idea of who your ideal customer is. Create a picture in your mind of who your ideal customer is in order to know what client base or target market you are looking for. Dig into their persona and think of what drives them, what scares them, excites them, and brings them fear. Find a way your product can relieve their tension or bring joy to their life. Consumption is all about identifying a need and satisfying it. Once you narrow down the focus on who your ideal client is, you can start the process of target marketing.

2. Target marketing to attract new customers

You’ve identified your ideal customer and now it’s time to look for the best places to find them. The idea is to market your product or service in all the best places where they will see it. The target marketing will include social media, email, newspapers, and even word of mouth. The type of customer you aim for will be based on the nature of your business and so will the type of marketing. That being said, social media marketing and online marketing overall is always a good place to start for any business or service.

3. Update your website

If you’ve been in business for quite some time it might be a good idea to give your website a little bit of a revamp if you’re wanting to attract new customers. Update your website to ensure it is mobile-friendly and review your search engine marketing and search engine optimisation tactics to ensure you are using your site to the best of your capabilities. It might not be a bad idea to implement some SEO tools to help increase traffic to your site. And while you’re at it, there’s no harm in giving your website a makeover with some modern features, designs, and coding. There’s no greater turn-off than a website with old school graphics and that takes forever to load. Make sure your website is optimised for all devices, has high-quality graphics, and loads quickly no matter what device it’s being viewed on.

4. Collaborate with other businesses

There are a lot of benefits in uniting with other businesses with the same customer base. It’s not a bad idea to find businesses complimentary to yours and strategising on new ways to market to each other’s customers without stealing clientele from one another. Nowadays many online stores collaborate in giveaways, raffles, or competitions. These partnerships create a united front, provide great exposure, and also free cross-marketing to all brands and businesses involved. Find similar businesses and find ways to work together to create exposure for all involved in the collaboration.

5. Use online rating and review sites

Many businesses tend to shy away from online rating and review sites, especially since this is where consumers in B2B and B2C worlds share their experience on products and services. It’s important to get active on these sites and stay on top of all reviews posted by clients whether they are good or bad. If there are complaints, take the time to respond. When positive reviews are posted, link them to your website. Encourage your customers to have their say on their experience. Social media has become a powerful tool of exposure and a great way for businesses to attract new customers. Visit Trustpilot and other websites to search your company name and see what customers have to say. Don’t be afraid to see feedback and interact with reviews both good and bad.

6. Network

Another great way to gain exposure and create brand awareness is to tell people who you are and what you do. Do this by joining your trade association, networking organizations, and attending Meetup events. As a local, small business you can use networking to your advantage. Approach networking with a ‘how can I help you’ attitude and show people what advantages there are to making use of your product or service.

7. Create an incentivised referral system

One of the oldest and most popular methods of attracting new customers is by implementing a referral system. As you gain loyal customers, don’t be afraid to ask them for referrals. Your current customers know your brand and product, they are the best type of marketing tool and can be put to use. Don’t be passive about this. Make sure you have a referral system that offers rewards as this will ensure that loyal customers will want to refer friends and family for their own personal rewards too.

8. Attract new customers with discounts and promotions

One of the quickest ways to lure in new customers is through great deals, discounts and promotions. There are many ways you can use discounts and promotions to attract customers, starting with an introductory discount or special offer for new customers. Bargain buys are a great way to attract new customers and an ideal research tool to see what they purchase. When new customers take up the discounts and promotions track which offers they redeem so you’ll know how to better target them with future marketing messages to turn them into loyal future buyers.

9. Loyalty rewards and mobile wallets

One of the most effective ways to acquire new customers is by offering instant cashback rewards and a superb loyalty program. And, by making use of a mobile wallet you’ll also be providing them with a smooth and frictionless payment method. On top of that, with a mobile wallet solution linked to your offering, you can also ensure that customers receive rewards directly to their wallets, increasing the likelihood of future purchases. Read more about UBU for Business. Listing your business means that you can offer your customers these important features and so much more. They can shop, collect cashback rewards, and help you earn revenue for your business with every purchase they make.

When your customers and their needs are not a priority, the chances are that you won’t acquire new business or build a loyal customer base. It’s important to dedicate time and effort to create a Timeless Customer Acquisition Strategy that will work for you. With an effective customer acquisition plan in place, you can ensure your business thrives even in trying times.

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