Taking Back the Culture One Virtual Live Event at a Time

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The Coronavirus has impacted many businesses and entrepreneurs in the past few months. Before the pandemic, cultural live events were thriving across the globe with artists, performers, and entertainers constantly setting up stage somewhere new.

These individuals are among the few who have suffered the most from the lockdown especially with the ban on crowd gatherings.

And while things are slowly but surely returning back to normal, there is no telling when the entertainment sector will be able to get back to normalcy.

Thankfully, this sector is filled with creative and innovative thinkers and in the past few months there have been many new ways found to bring in revenue despite the lack of live events and performances.

Even with the lockdown in place events companies, live comedians, and entertainers can still earn their daily bread and butter.

Here are a few ways how entertainers can survive the lockdown madness:

Livestreaming performances

There is nothing quite like a live performance and while it might not be possible to host these events in public places it’s still possible to perform live virtually. With advanced technology, a stable internet connection, and the right marketing, local shows can be streamed live. Take your performance online by listing yourself in the UBU Marketplace and promoting all events. Expand your reach and gain new listeners and fans with each performance.

Give online lessons / sessions

As a professional, you have a certain set of skills others can benefit from. The COVID-19 lockdown might deter you from hosting live events but there are­­ plenty of other options. For artists, musicians and live comedians there’s the opportunity to share their skillset and tricks via live online lessons and sessions. Create an online course or short sessions where fans and aspiring artists can learn something new. They pay via their UBU wallet and gain access to the once-off lesson or session. If live sessions and lessons are not for you a pre-recorded course is also an option and a great add-on to your ‘merchandise’ available.

Collaborate with other artists

The pandemic might have separated us physically but in many ways, it has led us to come together. For creatives, it’s the perfect excuse to utilize modern technology and work on projects together even if it means working from separate locations. Send recordings backward and forward, use collaboration platforms like Splice or Blend and apps like Soundstorming. The latter is like a musical social network designed to connect artists around the world.

Expand your market reach

With so many great ways to generate income, there’s no excuse to sit back or go through lockdown with stress or worry. Now that you have possible solutions there are many ways to implement them and get noticed.

One of the quickest ways is to list yourself on the UBU Marketplace where you will be able to promote your events, sell your tickets using the wallet solution, and grow your audience.

Get your live event listed in the UBU Marketplace

UBU for Business offers many benefits for you to look forward to. You’ll get extensive exposure, and the opportunity to acquire new customers and boosts your sales.

On top of that you can also provide your fans, followers and clients with the opportunity to grab instant cashback for every purchase they make – at any of the Vendors listed in the UBU Marketplace.

UBU is the ideal solution for many in the creative industry who wish to explore new ways to generate new revenue. If lockdown has left you with nothing but your superb and amazing skills, the UBU for Business solution can help you explore new ways to generate revenue.

Make use of wallet solutions

The world has changed a lot and while many changes have happened during the lockdown, the digital age should be given some credit too. It’s so easy to sell and pay for products online nowadays thanks to trusted mobile wallet solutions. And with the current lockdown in place, there are more wallets being created especially for helping performers, entertainers, and others in the creative industry.

When you use UBU for Business, you will have the opportunity to grow your customer base and get repeat business. UBU will offer you the opportunity to get your own loyalty app which you can use to communicate with customers and improve their engagement. The UBU Marketplace will also be available on the app allowing customers to shop and collect instant cashback rewards. With UBU the rewards system ensures that both you and the customers get benefits with every purchase made whether it’s for a live stream ticket or for merchandise bought.

This instant rewards system is a great incentive that will urge customers to buy more. With each purchase, there’s a cashback reward which will result in a return customer experience. On top of that, your customers will share their experience and bring in even more customers.

Other great features of the UBU Marketplace include increased sales, special promotions, and loyalty programs. You can list all your products, special deals and services across the UBU ecosystem. You’ll not only be able to reward your existing customers, but also attract new ones.

With the apps featuring direct built-in mobile wallets, Citizens can pay directly to your business resulting in frictionless and touchless transactions.

If you’re a musician or performer looking to get your sound or act heard, then join UBU today. Using the UBU Wallet will allow you to list your business and get instant exposure to a massive and highly engaged audience. On top of that customers from these wallets can look forward to getting instant rewards.

Take a look at all the UBU for Business has to offer in terms of benefits and exposure for artists, entertainers and event planners.

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