3 Examples of Customer Loyalty Programs That Shine

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Technology is constantly changing and so is customer loyalty. Where the automobile was once the height of technology, humans have evolved to expect a whole lot more from their experiences. Customers are no longer content with simply receiving good service, they want to be entertained too! And rewarding their loyalty is one surefire way to kick start the road to massive success.

There are thousands of businesses vying for your customers’ attention. Building customer loyalty is a great way to ensure that your clients engage with your brand, enjoy the experience, and keep coming back for more!

Customer loyalty starts with rewarding shoppers for purchasing from you

Even the most basic and simple loyalty programs can create a near-gamified experience to entertain users by rewarding them for simple actions. Rewards can come in the form of coupons, special deals and exclusive offers, and of course, getting some of their hard-earned cash back in their wallets!

Is it a guarantee? No. Does it increase your chances of appealing to your target market? Definitely!

One of the joys of the online realm is finding what customers want by watching your competitors. Or better yet, discovering what makes potential clients tick by simply studying those who do business around you. If you’re keen to be a winner, take a look at these companies who started out with a basic loyalty system, have taken the experience to the next level. By started off with an easy to use white label customer loyalty and mobile payment platform, you’ll be able to learn and understand what your customers are looking for, and what will turn them into truly loyal brand advocates.


One of the largest coffee companies in the world, Starbucks set out with a simple reward system and used the knowledge and insights gained to turn using their app while shopping into an experience.

The Starbucks app, available for iOS and Android users, greets customers by name when they first open the app. It also displays a progress bar to let them know just how close they are to that next reward tier.

Finding a nearby store, paying, and tipping while using the app is ridiculously easy. This leaves customers time to focus on other fun features such as ordering ahead of time and simply collecting their order or redeeming Starbuck stars to cash in on delicious treats.

Customers can also purchase a “gift” (aka a gift card) for a friend, as well as identify the song playing in their current store right from the app! All of this equates to an experience that will encourage customers to keep engaging with the app instead of it being an afterthought once they’ve already left the store.


What could be better than watching your favourite shows and potentially being rewarded? If you’re an NBC subscriber, not much!

The NBCUniversal app allows viewers to log information about their viewing preferences and track what they’re watching. Each episode enjoyed gives up to 10 viewers the chance to win $100 worth of points!

The points rewarded to lucky viewers can be used at a wide variety of popular stores. With an offer like that on the line, why would you bother viewing your favourite shows on any other network?


VR and viral marketing don’t necessarily form part of a loyalty program but Nike has used these additional digital marketing strategies to complement and enhance their offering on the Nike app. The app creates a cartoon version of the customer and places them in a simulated world. The customer will then try on a pair of shoes in the real world and take them for a run in a virtual landscape filled with cute creatures and a fun soundtrack – all while running on a treadmill!

While not necessarily available on their loyalty program, the video footage is provided to customers who can then share it on social media.

There’s no excuse for missing out on the many benefits of providing a loyalty program experience that will keep your customers coming back for more. And getting started is easier than you may think. Learn more about how UBU can be your guide to customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and so much more with our white label mobile payment, customer loyalty, and rewards platform.

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