5 Ways Mobile Wallets Boost Customer Loyalty and Engagement

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Our mobile devices are so much more than just ways to connect with the world. They’ve become an extension of how we live, and that includes the use of mobile wallets.

Gaming, communication, social media, banking, and everything in between can be achieved from your mobile device. Even if you’re still only loyal to Apple or Android, you’re part of a world where convenience and ease of access are crucial.

Mobile or digital wallets are a great way to bridge the gap between engaging with your customers and how they spend their money. With online and mobile shopping on the rise, you can’t afford to be left in the dust without a decent mobile wallet solution that works for you and boosts both customer loyalty and engagement.

Put your mobile wallet to the test

If you’re ready to invest in a digital wallet solution, and have it boost customer loyalty and engagement, here are 5 ways that this strategy could work in your favour.

Rewards for all

Mobile wallets are the perfect way to store and redeem loyalty rewards. Having the ability to cut out plastic loyalty cards or paper coupons could encourage users to choose your loyalty program over others. We could all do a with little less clutter in our lives, right? Digital wallets make using loyalty programs so much easier for customers when they’re available with a tap on a screen. And, receiving rewards directly in the same wallet they’re spending from, makes using a mobile wallet a rewarding experience for all!

A seamless, positive experience – customer loyalty made easy

Let’s say you have a customer who has signed up to shop at your store and earn rewards via your built-in customer loyalty program. Even if they’ve never used a digital wallet before, it’ll feel like part and parcel of the package, as long as it feels safe and secure too.

The opposite can also be said for users who are already comfortable using a mobile wallet. Making payments from, and receiving instant rewards directly to, the same mobile wallet is by far a simpler, more satisfying experience which will certainly result in boosting customer loyalty. When given the opportunity to join a loyalty program attached to their mobile wallet, there’s a much higher chance of them opting in thanks to the seamless, positive experience.

Ever-evolving experiences

Paper and plastic reward programs have no choice but to remain stagnant in their look and feel. But on mobile, customisation is in your hands! You can change the experience, customise the way you appear on special holidays, or offer new graphics in an instant. This can keep the experience fresh and exciting for users while still engaging with your brand and building customer loyalty.

Rewards that never sleep

We’ve all done a bit of midnight shopping via our phones and that’s where your mobile wallet can really come out to play. Unlike making purchases at a mall, there’s no cut-off time for collecting special offers or earning rewards. Your clients are able to make use of your mobile wallet service no matter the time of day or night.

Feeling secure

A customer truly feels most at ease when spending their money if they feel secure. Thanks to encryption technology and security protocols, digital wallets can offer the security a customer needs in order to spend as they please with peace of mind. A customer who feels that they’re transacting securely is a happy and loyal customer – every single time.

If you’re eager to learn more, read our recent article which highlights the top benefits of combining mobile wallets with a loyalty program and just how your business can reap the rewards at the same time your customers do.

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