Get your fresh fish fix at Active Sushi on Bree

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If you’re after quality sushi prepared to perfection with the freshest fish, then head down to Active Sushi on Bree in Cape Town’s foreshore.    

Owner Shahab Asghari opened this trendy eatery 4 years ago and he is the only member of his family in the restaurant trade. Born in Iran, Asghari grew up in Dubai and moved to South Africa 10 years ago. It’s unlikely he will ever be lured away as he believes “nothing compares to the beauty of Cape Town”. 

 As well as offering an all-day, ‘eat as much as you like’ special for R199, Active Sushi on Bree’s menu includes vegetarian and vegan options, Nori / seaweed-free dishes such as Inari (wrapped in bean curd), as well as rice-free Banting choices.    

“One of our best-selling, or signature dishes is the Pretty Woman: prawn tempura, avo, teriyaki sauce, caviar, rice, seaweed, and mayo. Another is our Steak Tuna: the tuna is seared to look like steak on the outside and is served on top of rice rolls with avo, prawn and sweet chili,” Asghari says. 

For something a little different the King Kong is a biltong dish, topped with the tasty Bree signature sauce, while the The Flaming VIP! serves up seared tuna, prawn tempura, seven spices and cognac, which is set alight with a blow torch. The beetroot touches make the Toranj Signature Roll as eye-catching as it is delicious.  

As well as having to rely on take-aways, the biggest challenge Active Sushi on Bree faced during the global lockdown was how to get fresh salmon. “We pride ourselves on the freshest quality produce and usually fly our salmon in from Norway fly twice a week. I had to explain to customers that I was using frozen salmon instead,” Asghari explains.

Active Sushi on Bree is proudly part of the UBU ecosystem, and now has its own Active Sushi Wallet app which can be used to place orders, pay for meals at the restaurant, and shop at a wide variety of stores in the wallet app – all while earning instant cashback rewards on every purchase.

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