Fall in love with authentic wholesome baked goods at Vovo Telo

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Mate your love of fine pastries and special bread with Vovo Telo’s passion for producing them and you have the recipe for savoury satisfaction on every level. Delight your tastebuds and take in a relaxing restaurant environment all at the same time.

Inspired by the artisan baking trends in Madagascar, the owners and founders of Vovo Telo decided to bring their newfound love back home and allow South African locals the privilege of exploring a more wholesome form of baked goods. The restaurant/bakery is now found in four major cities across the land.

The restaurant specialises in providing freshly baked bread and pastries, crafted from the finest and freshest ingredients available, leaving no space for a compromise to the quality that they put out. They are prepared using traditional artisanal techniques with no preservatives whatsoever. Their love for their cuisine shines through the efforts they go through to produce something special every day and the standards they set when sourcing ingredients. Vovo Telo only supports suppliers who embrace the same view on quality and integrity that they do, ensuring only the best products come out of their ovens.

Aside from the grand selection of batched baked goods, you can take a seat on the dining floor and enjoy a vast array of meals from the delectable menu, including special breakfasts, sandwiches, pasta dishes, waffles, and pizzas. The establishments also pride themselves on their coffee assortments and offer a few exotic hot beverages brewed on the spot for your satisfaction. On the cold side, you can order a freshly squeezed fruit juice for your refreshment.

Patrons of the bakery cannot help but give the establishment a thumbs up. One exceptional reviewer had this to say:

“Ambient setting, uniquely designed menu & exceptional decor all contribute to Vovo Telo’s reputation as a must stop. Professional, well trained & welcoming staff – even during busy times (most times), the service is quick & the food masterly! A recipe is a guideline but at Vovo Telo it is a passion that is apparent in the scope of their clientele & popularity. Well done!”

So, whether you want to pop in and take-away some assorted bread, or stay for a while, relax and have a meal, Vovo Telo is the perfect place for you. The friendly environment and fantastic dishes create an awesome atmosphere which is loved by all who frequent the venue. There’s also instant cashback to be earned when you use any of the UBU-powered wallets to make your purchases at Vovo Telo and any of the many stores available in the Marketplace.

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