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For advanced internet connectivity solutions and first-rate digital communications services for your home or business, call on SmartSwitch in Paarl to help you make the clever call.

Spread across the Cape, SmartSwitch is offering its clients the option of hopping on board with the most innovative digital solutions available on the market right now. Times are changing and technology is evolving, which means that businesses must adapt to stay ahead of the game in a highly contested market.

Friendly and knowledgeable sales staff are standing by to help you make the transition you need. Each of them is suitably trained to guide you through the exclusive products and packages that the company offers to suit your individual needs. They understand that you cannot brush all folks with the same paintbrush and therefore take time to learn about your company so they can sculpt the best system to enhance your services or product offering.

At SmartSwitch you can sign-up for bespoke Fibre internet packages (home and business), wireless internet connections via Sky-Fibre and LTE, or Voice over IP (VOIP) solutions to cut out the expensive telephone costs you run up every month. The company is aware that price is always a factor, so the sales staff are there to ensure you get the best deal. Not only that, but you can hook up great rewards, discounts, and cashback by engaging with this UBU International partner.

Once connected, you can manage your account and exclusive profile online via their website or call in and speak to a professional support serviceman/woman. This ensures that the company’s premium services don’t end past the sales floor.

In the current COVID climate, SmartSwitch has risen to the occasion to package the best solutions for businesses whose staff must work from home. These offer innovative telephone services over the internet, video conferencing capabilities, network security solutions, and controlled internet access for staff members operating remotely.

In short, SmartSwitch is here to ensure that your journey into the future is as seamless as possible. They do all the thinking for you so that you can simply enjoy the ride and rest assured in the knowledge that you are not being left behind in this ever-growing world of technology. Download the UBU Wallet, and earn instant cashback when you purchase a SmartSwitch solution or shop at any of the many stores listed in the UBU Marketplace.

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