Spice up your life at Green Chilli Fine Dining

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Rated for the best curry on the South Coast, turn in to Green Chilli Fine Dining to taste how herbs and spices come together to create the perfect Indian meal.

Shelly Beach, on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, is a holidaymakers paradise. The beautiful beaches and hot weather draw visitors from all over South Africa. Be sure to embrace the culture of this haven by visiting Green Chilli Fine Dining Take-Away and Restaurant to dip into the flavours of Northern Indian Cuisine – the iconic taste of the region.

Step in through the doors and be wowed by the aromatic smells that will have you salivating before you take your first bite. The friendly staff are standing by for service and if you just wanna grab and go, you can conveniently Whatsapp your order before you arrive.

There is a host of scrumptious meals on the menu, which are freshly prepared and can be enjoyed in a laid-back environment if you choose to eat-in. Each treat is freshly prepared and blends the perfect combination of spices to enhance the flavours of the ingredients used.

The menu is extensive and includes all your favourite Indian dishes, including Bunny Chows, Curries, Breyani, Tikka Chicken, Creamy Butter Chicken, Kormas, and even some Chinese dishes. So, there is a fine mix of meals to appease every palate.

Search the web and you’ll see rave reviews from the folk you have visited this establishment. One customer said: ‘’Friendly staff were more than happy to make us a special 6-person takeaway and even made some specials to our liking that weren’t even on the menu. The food was excellent, and we all had a superb post curry glow late into the evening. Thank, guys!’’

Another raved: ‘’The food was amazing, with a wide range of meals to choose from. All meals were freshly prepared and were absolutely divine. Will definitely be back there when we are at Shelly beach.’’

This fabulous food establishment offers the right balance of service, spice, and satisfaction. The option to eat in or take out is equally as rewarding and will have you back at the door each time you visit the area. After all, what Shelly Beach experience is ever complete without a chance to spice up your life at Green Chilli Fine Dining? They also have their own wallet app now too! Download it today and you’ll earn instant cashback on every cent you spend.

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