An Authentic Taste of Asia with Kuan Kitchen Club

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From the mind of culinary genius Chef Kuan Lai comes Kuan Kitchen Club, a masterful concept designed to bring authentic Asian cuisine right to your doorstep. Offering a range of services, Kuan Kitchen Club aims to delight your tastebuds with wonderful flavours from the Orient!

Not everyone can create quality Asian dishes. Chef Kuan Lai, however, is at the top of his field. This celebrity chef now offers his delicious creations for home delivery. Through the Asian Deli, customers can purchase a variety of fresh Asian produce and meats that they can prepare in the comfort of their home. The options are endless – frozen dim sum, wok stir fry, Korean kimchi, Tom Tum prawn broth, Hong Kong BBQ, and a range of sauces are just some of the items on the menu. Cooking at home, not your thing? Don’t worry. Kuan Kitchen Club also serves prepared meals that can be delivered. Tuck into mouthwatering delicacies like honey glazed Pork Belly char siu, smoked honey glazed BBQ ribs, or Peking duck with 10 pancakes.

Kuan Kitchen Club does so much more than just serve food. Chef Kuan Lai is dedicated to not only giving clients a genuine taste of Asian cuisine, but he is also passionate about teaching this craft to others. Through his master cooking classes, he teaches people how to properly prepare authentic Thai dishes. If you’re planning to host a soiree in the near future, they also offer private chef services, with Chef Lai designing an exclusive, tailored menu and a personalised service for your get-together.

With such an established pedigree, Kuan Kitchen Club is a must for anyone who enjoys authentic Asian cooking at its finest. Whether you’re looking for fresh Asian produce and sauces, ready-made meals or even a private chef for your next function, Kuan Kitchen Club has you covered.

The best news yet, though, is that Kuan Kitchen Club now has its own loyalty program and mobile wallet app. Order your favourite dishes for delivery using the app and you’ll get instant cashback rewards and access to loads of other great restaurants, services, and stores. Download the app and start earning cashback today!

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