Enjoy More than Food at Mugg & Bean

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Visit Mugg & Bean and find more than simply great food and beverages – find friends! The restaurant/coffee shop boasts an atmosphere fit for the whole family, with a diverse offering of tasty morsels and more.

Established over 20 years ago, the original owner, Ben Filmater, was inspired to bring home a coffee shop that embodied a spirit of generosity. This, the establishment provides to its patrons by way of ample portions, bottomless coffees, and refillable cold drinks at generous prices.

At Mugg & Bean, they are serious about their coffees, priding themselves in their selection of the finest coffee beans from the most renowned coffee producing regions on the globe. They are roasted locally and then prepared by the professionally trained staff to ensure that your beverage is the picture of perfection.

The menu is diverse, with a large array of sit-down meals and specially baked sweet treats at Mugg & Bean Gateway. Grab a quick meal if you are on the go at Mugg & Bean On the Move in the Crescent Shopping Centre in Umhlanga or at the Hypermarket in Durban North.

While the menu is undeniably decadent, the take-home feature of Mugg & Bean has always been a friendly and relaxed environment. Whether you are decked for a massive meal or simply want to sip on a bottomless coffee, you are welcome there and are encouraged to return. Mugg & Bean is focussed on the future, with a vision to turn you into a regular, and then into a friend.

These Mugg & Bean establishments in the Northern regions of the Durban metropole are perfectly situated amidst the busy shopping hubs, and suitably equipped to service your needs after a hefty day of retail therapy. There simply is not a better way to stop and unwind than at one of these fabulous venues. And, when you use the UBU Wallet, you’ll earn instant cashback on your cuppas and your meals to spend whenever you wish at any of the many stores available within the app. Download the app and head on over today!

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