The Peachery Makes Healthy Eating Fashionable

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At The Peachery, you’ll find the best of both worlds! Offering a delectable range of soups and other treats, this outfit is dedicated to making sure that ‘healthy’ and ‘delicious’ don’t remain mutually exclusive concepts.

The Peachery was born out of a passion for amazing food as well as a commitment to sustaining the environment. Their heartwarming soup selection is packed with fresh vegetables and other natural ingredients, designed to provide maximum flavour. Delicious options are available for order, including tomato and basil, spinach and cashew nut and creamy butternut. In addition to their soup range, The Peachery also offers a wonderful array of sweet treats. Feast on a selection of gluten-free shortbread cookies, salted caramel balls, vanilla cupcakes and other options. All of The Peachery’s products are 100% free from animal products.

If you’re looking to give a gift this festive season, why not consider the gift of soup? The Peachery has an impressive selection of soup ‘care packages’ filled with wholesome goodness. While most packages already contain a variety of items, you are free to add any items to your gift package. Every package comes with a personalised note and they are delivered right to the recipient’s doorstep, wherever they may be in South Africa. Whether you’re saying ‘get well soon’, or ‘thanks for the help’, these gift packages go a long way to conveying your sentiments. 

Despite its relatively short existence, The Peachery is already proving to be a massive hit with customers. A recent review read as follows: “So impressed… placed my order from Margate, KZN. Wow… Delivered to my door, Thank you… Soups are absolutely (divine)!!!!”

The Peachery’s slogan is “Healthy eating makes healthy living”. They have certainly demonstrated a commitment to both of these ideals. With a great variety of healthy and flavourful soups and a drive toward responsible and sustainable cooking, The Peachery is primed to flourish in the future. Ready to officially start living healthy? Download their UBU-powered mobile wallet and loyalty program today and place your order! You’ll earn instant cashback rewards on every purchase.

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