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More Customers, More Sales, True Loyalty

Advertise all your products and services in the Jacaranda Wallet. Enjoy mass exposure from the Jacaranda FM audience.

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More Customers, More Sales, True Loyalty

Advertise all your products and services in the ECR Wallet.
Enjoy mass exposure from the East Coast Radio audience

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Why the ECR Wallet is for you

  1. Get More Customers

    When your business is listed in the ECR Wallet, you get instant exposure to advertise your products and services to a massive, engaged audience.
    More exposure means more customers which means more sales. It’s that simple.
  1. Sign Up, Set Up and Start!

    Registering is quick and easy. Your presence in the ECR Wallet can be up and running in no time. Simply click on the "Join Us" button to sign up as a vendor, set up your listing, and share your products and services.
  1. Give Instant Rewards

    Customers can earn instant cashback on their purchases every time they buy. This is always a fantastic reward for loyalty that will ensure more repeat customers, get people talking, and create a great incentive to shop with you.

Loyalty Pays

81% of customers say that loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands.*
*The Loyalty Report – 2019

Benefits of the ECR Wallet

Expose your business to thousands of East Coast Radio listeners and smartphone users. Your business will benefit from mass exposure and digital marketing opportunities. And best of all, it is free and easy to register.

  1. Frictionless

    Customers browse and select items, pay for them, and immediately get their UBU CashBack, all in one place. A true frictionless, end-to-end experience.
  1. Touchless

    Customers can transact using the ECR Wallet, without making contact or physically handling anything. A great solution under Covid-19 restrictions.

How it Works

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*The loyalty cashback is negotiable, but we would highly suggest 10% as the optimal level or even higher when you need to be more competitive.

*Platform fees include payment processing fees, referral fees, marketing and platform maintenance.

Join the ECR Wallet Today

Don't miss out. Your customers will thank you.

Do you want to find shops and services wherever you are that will give you instant cashback every time you spend?

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