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Customer loyalty metrics =- how exactly does one measure customer loyalty?

Tipping the Scales: The Metrics Behind Measuring Customer Loyalty

For many years, people have been extolling the many virtues of customer loyalty. From a general standpoint, we can all agree that customer loyalty is vital to every business. By focusing on building customer loyalty, companies increase the possibility of customers coming back. This has the effect of boosting the business’s income stream. The question

Creating customer loyalty through target marketing

Creating Customer Loyalty Through Target Marketing

Since the dawn of time getting anything done successfully, especially in business, requires communication. If you want to remain relevant and keep your customers from forgetting about you it’s important to communicate and stay in touch. Target marketing is a vital part of this communication and plays a very important role in customer retention and

Customer loyalty stats and facts

Customer Loyalty: The Stats and Facts You Need to Know

Companies today are keenly aware of the magical effect that customer loyalty can have on one’s business. Effectively harnessing its power means that profits go up while monthly expenses reduce. Customer loyalty performs wonders as part of a company’s client retention strategy but can also lend a hand in the customer acquisition space. Businesses across

6 Reasons why your business needs a customer loyalty program

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Customer Loyalty Program

As corporations continue to search for new and innovative ways to attract and keep their customers, one method remains tried and tested: the customer loyalty program. For more than 200 years, companies have made use of loyalty programs in one form or another to attract new customers to their fold, as well as retain existing

Understanding loyalty program demographics is vital to the success of your rewards program

Understanding Loyalty Program Demographics to Meet Your Consumer’s Needs

When engaging with customers in business, you simply cannot hope to use a blanket set of rules across all demographics and hope for the best. The key to reaching your target audience comes hand in hand with a targeted approach, tailor-made to meet the expectations of your intended market demographic. The trends in customer behaviour

Six smart customer loyalty tactics - how to grab your customers' attention and keep them happy

Customer Loyalty Tactics: How to Grab the Attention of Your Customers and Keep Them Happy

Traditional marketing plans are usually divided when it comes to strategising for new customer acquisitions as opposed to present customer retention. Most of your efforts and money are usually funnelled erroneously into creating a bigger customer base through extensive advertising campaigns, etc, when a shared initiative is possible and even more feasible. New and improved

loyalty programs - why they matter

The Business of Loyalty Programs and Why They Matter

Loyalty programs are one of the most common forms of customer engagement in the marketplace right now. No matter where you shop or how often you spend time and money using a particular service, there’s a good chance you can cash in on a loyalty program. If you’re an SME considering whether or not a

Customer engagement is the new normal and should always be part of a good digital marketing strategy

Why Customer Engagement is the New Normal

Back in the day all you needed to be successful was to set up shop in a good part of town, have a firm handshake, and deliver reasonable service. As great as those days may have been, they were also very limiting and confined your sphere of influence to your town and even then, only

Mobile Wallets - key to customer engagement and customer loyalty and a great online shopping experience

Mobile Wallets Are Key to Customer Engagement and Loyalty

One thing all customers have in common is the need to shop in a safe environment with a secure payment method. Mobile wallets are able to provide what your customers want instantly! No one wants to experience the worry of possibly having their information stolen while enjoying a bit of online shopping. Thanks to the

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