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Creating customer loyalty through target marketing

Creating Customer Loyalty Through Target Marketing

Since the dawn of time getting anything done successfully, especially in business, requires communication. If you want to remain relevant and keep your customers from forgetting about you it’s important to communicate and stay in touch. Target marketing is a vital part of this communication and plays a very important role in customer retention and

6 Reasons why your business needs a customer loyalty program

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Customer Loyalty Program

As corporations continue to search for new and innovative ways to attract and keep their customers, one method remains tried and tested: the customer loyalty program. For more than 200 years, companies have made use of loyalty programs in one form or another to attract new customers to their fold, as well as retain existing

Customer retention strategies that work

Customer Retention Strategies that Work

It’s no secret that customers form the lifeblood of any burgeoning business organization. A strong customer base usually means a thriving business. Companies devote thousands of hours to developing elaborate customer acquisition strategies, then spend millions to execute those strategies. Yet, research continues to reveal that organisations may be better served in directing more time

6 top reason your business needs a loyalty program

The Top 6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is a value that all success-driven businesses strive for. A good customer base will likely keep your business afloat in the good times and the bad. As a result, all business owners need to consider implementing a loyalty program of some sort, geared to rewarding regular consumers for supporting you. Customer loyalty should

5 ways to grow your small business in a snap

5 Ways to Grow Your Small Business in a Snap!

If you’re a visionary with big dreams, you’ll want to grow your small business. It only makes sense to take an endeavour that you’ve put your heart and hard work into and turn into an empire. Growing your small business doesn’t need to be a harrowing experience. While the process is not one that will

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