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North and South come together at Bombay Blu Indian restaurant

Flavours From The North and South Come Together at Bombay Blu

Looking for something to satisfy your spice palate? Then head over to Bombay Blu Indian Restaurant, where you can experience the best of Northern and Southern Indian cooking! Conveniently located near the beachfront, Bombay Blu has been serving the residents of Durban North for the better part of a decade. The restaurant is open seven

Date Night Ideas SA

Spice Up Your Love Life with Date Night Ideas SA

Do you feel like the steam is running out of the romance train? Running short of ideas for your next evening out? Then you need to check out Date Night Ideas SA! This innovative site has become an indispensable resource for couples looking to rejuvenate their relationships. Officially launched roughly six years ago, Date Night

Three Craft Beers of different colors, foaming next to a keg

Karoo Craft Breweries Delights With Every Sip

Have you checked out Karoo Craft Breweries yet? If not, you’re missing out! This microbrewery, situated on the Simonsvlei winery in Paarl, plays home to a range of some of the finest craft beers in South Africa. Whether you’re into lager or prefer a pale ale, Karoo Craft Breweries has an ice-cold one waiting for

The Italian Corner in Durban - best for Italian Gelato Ice Cream!

The Italian Corner – A Melt-In-Your-Mouth Experience!

By most accounts, the Italian Corner is not just another ice cream shop. It’s a place where the most decadent flavours collide to bring about an almost heavenly experience. The Italian Corner makes and serves authentic gelato, delicious fruit sorbets, and soft serve, among other items. According to owner Nicholas Sintich, all ingredients are imported

Fresh Indian food laided out on a table

Delight Your Tastebuds with Exotic Flavours from Moksh Indian Restaurant!

If North Indian cuisine is your thing, look no further than Moksh Indian Restaurant. For almost 10 years, this award-winning establishment has thrilled diners across the Western Cape with its array of authentic dishes and excellent service. ‘Moksh’ means, among other things, to reach or attain the highest level of satisfaction. To that end, Moksh

Active Sushi on Bree now has their own mobile wallet app with a built-in loyalty program

Get your fresh fish fix at Active Sushi on Bree

If you’re after quality sushi prepared to perfection with the freshest fish, then head down to Active Sushi on Bree in Cape Town’s foreshore.     Owner Shahab Asghari opened this trendy eatery 4 years ago and he is the only member of his family in the restaurant trade. Born in Iran, Asghari grew up in Dubai

6 Reasons why your business needs a customer loyalty program

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Customer Loyalty Program

As corporations continue to search for new and innovative ways to attract and keep their customers, one method remains tried and tested: the customer loyalty program. For more than 200 years, companies have made use of loyalty programs in one form or another to attract new customers to their fold, as well as retain existing

6 top reason your business needs a loyalty program

The Top 6 Reasons Your Business Needs a Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty is a value that all success-driven businesses strive for. A good customer base will likely keep your business afloat in the good times and the bad. As a result, all business owners need to consider implementing a loyalty program of some sort, geared to rewarding regular consumers for supporting you. Customer loyalty should

How customer-centric loyalty programs breed brand loyalty

Why Customer-Centric Loyalty Programs Breed Brand Loyalty

As a business owner or marketing manager, one of your never-ending quests is to find a digital marketing strategy that does the job of both serving your customer base and growing your business. At the same time. While that sounds simple enough, the reality is that with the rise and fall of social media platforms,

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