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Wine farms are back in business

De-Vine Rebirth: Wine Farms Are Back in Business

Last month, August 2020, the wine industry (along with its patrons) collectively rejoiced as the ban on alcohol was officially lifted. Wine farms were once again able to start producing, and retail stores were finally able to unlock their doors, albeit in a restricted capacity. While this has all been excellent news for the industry,

Customer loyalty metrics =- how exactly does one measure customer loyalty?

Tipping the Scales: The Metrics Behind Measuring Customer Loyalty

For many years, people have been extolling the many virtues of customer loyalty. From a general standpoint, we can all agree that customer loyalty is vital to every business. By focusing on building customer loyalty, companies increase the possibility of customers coming back. This has the effect of boosting the business’s income stream. The question

The Mobile Wallet Market is Ready for Take-off!

Wheels Up: The Mobile Wallet Market is Ready for Take-Off!

The ever-increasing popularity of the mobile wallet looks set to scale new heights. Introduced as a concept less than 25 years ago, the mobile wallet market has grown in leaps and bounds and, if reports are to be believed, has already surpassed the $1 trillion global mark. Let’s examine the statistics, the reasons for this

Understanding loyalty program demographics is vital to the success of your rewards program

Understanding Loyalty Program Demographics to Meet Your Consumer’s Needs

When engaging with customers in business, you simply cannot hope to use a blanket set of rules across all demographics and hope for the best. The key to reaching your target audience comes hand in hand with a targeted approach, tailor-made to meet the expectations of your intended market demographic. The trends in customer behaviour

Six smart customer loyalty tactics - how to grab your customers' attention and keep them happy

Customer Loyalty Tactics: How to Grab the Attention of Your Customers and Keep Them Happy

Traditional marketing plans are usually divided when it comes to strategising for new customer acquisitions as opposed to present customer retention. Most of your efforts and money are usually funnelled erroneously into creating a bigger customer base through extensive advertising campaigns, etc, when a shared initiative is possible and even more feasible. New and improved

The history and evolution of loyalty marketing and loyalty programs

The Early Beginnings & Evolution of Loyalty Marketing

Loyalty programs have become a vital component of many companies’ customer retention strategies. An ever-increasing number of corporations, from fuel stations to fast food joints, are turning to loyalty marketing to solidify and retain their client base. Interestingly, the rewards program concept is not a recent one, having existed in one form or another for

The many benefits of digital marketing for your business and customers

The Many Benefits of Digital Marketing – for your Business and Customers

We’ve come a long way since we started using the internet back in 1992. Back when connecting to the internet required you to schedule your phone calls because the modem used the family landline to connect to the world wide web. Keep in mind that Vodacom and MTN would only launch their cell service two

loyalty programs - why they matter

The Business of Loyalty Programs and Why They Matter

Loyalty programs are one of the most common forms of customer engagement in the marketplace right now. No matter where you shop or how often you spend time and money using a particular service, there’s a good chance you can cash in on a loyalty program. If you’re an SME considering whether or not a

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