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More Customers, More Sales, True Loyalty

Gain new customers from the extensive exposure across our UBU ecosystem and reward your loyal customers with instant cashback.

UBU for Business

Why UBU is for you

For businesses selling goods and services

Do you have a business that sells goods and services, but find it challenging to get repeat business and you’re looking for new ways to grow your customer base?

As a vendor who sells goods or services, you’ll be able to create a storefront listing for your business in the UBU Marketplace. This Marketplace is included in the many white label wallet apps that we roll out for radio stations, ISPs, sports clubs, telcos, schools, and other organisations with wide reach.

This means your goods and services will be exposed to 1000s of potential new customers. With an easy-to-use mobile wallet and the ability to earn UBU CashBack on each purchase, those customers will always be coming back for more.

We’ll let you in on a little secret; you can also get your own branded wallet if you are a business that sells goods and services AND has a large  and engaged audience.

For organisations and individuals with a large audience reach

Do you have a fantastic customer base, and a wide audience of listeners, readers, fans or followers and want to explore new ways to generate revenue from it?

Get your own branded loyalty app to communicate with your customers and improve their engagement. We also embed our UBU Marketplace in your wallet, where your customers can shop, collect cashback, and earn revenue for your business with every purchase. That’s a new and diversified income stream for your business. Problem solved.

And by the way, we call your customers “Citizens” because they belong to your world.

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How it works

  1. Sign Up, Set Up and Start

    Registering with UBU is quick and easy to do. Your presence in the UBU Marketplace can be customised to represent your brand and your store can be up and running in no time.
  2. Get More Customers

    When your business is listed in the UBU Marketplace, it is included across the growing number of apps in the entire UBU ecosystem, giving your store instant exposure to a massive, engaged audience. More exposure means more customers. It’s that simple.
  3. Give Instant Rewards

    Customers can earn instant cashback on their purchases every time they buy. This is always a fantastic reward for loyalty that will ensure more repeat customers, get people talking, and create a great incentive to shop with you.

Features of the UBU Marketplace

Increase sales; special promotions; loyalty programs

Big Data for your business

Gain valuable insights through our online dashboard where you can view your customers’ activity, learn more about who your loyal customers are, which products are being purchased most often, and when customers are most likely to spend.

List your products, specials and deals

Advertise your products, services, and events across the entire UBU ecosystem. Reward your existing customers and attract new ones with promotions and special deals which will be listed in the UBU Marketplace and exposed to a massive audience of new customers.

Accept payments directly from customers

The built-in mobile wallet allows customers to pay your business directly and for you to receive payment instantly with no cash or credit cards required. Transactions are frictionless and touchless, and it all happens seamlessly within the app.

Offer order and pay for delivery services

Grow your business with built-in technology that enables customers near you to place their order, pay easily and seamlessly, and track the status of their delivery. You prepare their order and deliver to their preferred location, cutting out the costs of 3rd-party delivery services. It’s that simple!

Customers can pay and collect in-store

Not able to deliver yet? Customers can order, pay, and collect when their order is ready. Order tracking let’s them know when you’re nearly ready for them, or they can check the status of their order via the online dashboard. The transaction is completed using a simple QR code.

Sell tickets to your live streaming events

Organisations or individuals offering live streaming events can sell tickets directly to a wide audience of new customers. It’s frictionless and instant. And you’ll no longer lose out through ticketing services who sell one ticket that is then distributed to multiple friends.

UBU - Features of the UBU Marketplace

Who is involved

Here are some of the amazing partners that you could be sharing the UBU Marketplace with

UBU Ecosystem Overview

UBU Ecosystem Overview
UBU Marketplace

*The loyalty cashback is negotiable, but we would highly suggest 10% as the optimal level or even higher when you need to be more competitive.

*Platform fees include payment processing fees, referral fees, marketing and platform maintenance.

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